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Our Values

At Wellness ReDefined, our core values: authenticity, collaboration, creativity and accountability guide how we show up and work with our clients. In order to walk with you to achieve your therapeutic goals, we emphasize conducting a thorough assessment, education, and tracking progress.  We understand that we are providing you with the service of therapy, and as such we want to ensure you receive the support and quality care you deserve.     

  • Schedule an Appointment
    Click on a "Schedule an Appointment" link on the website. Once you complete the initial form, you will be directed to site where you can schedule an appointment. It can take up to 24 hours for your appointment request to be approved.
  • Complete the Initial Paperwork
    After your appointment has been approved, you will be asked to complete the necessary paperwork (i.e. consent, intake forms, and self-report measures).
  • Attend Your Initial Session
    The initial 60 minute session focuses on gathering your personal and mental health history, as well as orient you to the therapeutic process.
  • Attend Your Treatment Planning Session
    During the treatment planning session, you will receive feedback regarding the self-report measures you completed, as well as specific areas/behaviors that have been expressed as areas of concern. Recommendations regarding treatment Together, we will create specific and measurable goals for our work together.
  • Stay Engaged with the Work
  • Receive Periodic
    Holding space
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