Group Therapy Services

Wellness ReDefined periodically offers time-limited, closed groups on various topics.  The themes of groups offered take into consideration the unique experiences of BIWOC. 

Wellness ReDefined is currently recruiting for the following groups: 

Are you a BIWOC who is a mental health professional? Are you tired, experiencing compassion fatigue or generally overwhelmed by constantly serving others in the therapeutic space? If you are desiring a welcoming, therapeutic space with other mental health professionals to confidentially discuss some of the personal issues you are experiencing as a mental health professional, this 8-week group is for you. 

Therapist Support Group will begin in March 2022.

Are you a BIWOC enrolled in a graduate program? Are you feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the expectations or the institution at large? This 6-week group will focus on the unique experiences of being a multiple minority in a graduate program. The space will allow members to process and connect around their experiences, as well as assist members in crafting a sustainable self-care plan to combat burnout.

Officially Exhausted Group will begin in March 2022

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Why Group Therapy ?

Being in a group with strangers talking about personal issues and experiences can be anxiety provoking; however, there is often great therapeutic power in group work.   Participating in groups often dispel the feeling that you are alone in the issues you are struggling with, the space also gives you the opportunity to hear differing perspectives and obtain support and feedback from others.