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Is Individual Therapy Right for Me?

Therapy aims to improve your emotional, interpersonal and intrapersonal self and is appropriate if your current symptoms are negatively impacting your functioning.  Therapy challenges its participants to discuss difficult topics, express one's emotions, and try out new behaviors.  If you are struggling with an issue and ready to engage in the process, therapy may be right for you.

Areas of Speciality

Dr. Fisher-Green provides therapy services to individuals that are experiencing issues related to:

Work Related Stress
Fertility Issues/Miscarriage
Work-Life Imbalance

Romantic Relationship Conflict 
Imposter Syndrome

Due to the level of care and specialization needed, Wellness ReDefined does not provide services to individuals who are actively suicidal, dealing with substance abuse or have an eating disorder.  If you are currently dealing with any of these issues, click here for additional resources to obtain services. 

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