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Individual Therapy

Are you desiring a safe space to process your emotions?  Using culturally-sensitive, evidence-based                        practices, we'll work together to reduce symptoms hindering your functioning and                                               limiting your desired lifestyle. Therapy encourages open discussions, emotional                                                expression, and the adoption of new behaviors to address challenges.                                                        Together, we'll establish specific goals for our collaborative journey.

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Yes, therapy is hard,

but so is dealing with unhealthy relationships and emotional distress.

Clinical Areas of Speciality

Relationships are the foundation of so much of our lives.  The relationship we hold with ourselves and others can greatly impact our wellness and overall sense of happiness.  At Wellness ReDefined, we work with adult clients that are experiencing the following symptoms or situations:

Recent divorce or romantic-breakup

Self-sabatoging behaviors

Romantic Relationship Conflict

Work-Related Stress

Work-Life Imbalance

Poor self-esteem



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Initial session - $200

Subsequent sessions - $180

We also accept Cigna, United, and Baylor Scott & White insurances

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