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Therapists Need Therapy Too! 

Therapists spend so much time and energy giving to others. Being a multiple minority and constantly holding space for others can be taxing. Dr. Green provides BIWOC therapists the space to focus on their own emotional and psychological wellness.  Therapists preach the importance of self-care and boundaries to their clients, but often fall short when implementing it in their own life. The time to focus on your own wellness is now! 

Therapy for Therapist

Wellness ReDefined specializes in providing therapy services to BIWOC who serve in the mental health industry and are also experiencing the following issues:

Work-Life Imbalance

Work Related Stress

Compassion Fatigue


Relational Conflict



Imposter Syndrome


Are you a therapist interested in services, but not in the Texas area? No problem.  Dr. Green is approved to practice telepsychology through PSYPACT, which allows her to conduct telepsychology services with clients who live in participating jurisdictions.  Dr. Green is currently offering telepsychology services to therapists located in Texas, Illinois, Virginia and Georgia. 

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