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Couples Therapy

Leaning into personal accountability and increasing understanding and empathy are paramount tasks within couples work.  At Wellness ReDefined, we understand how draining and unproductive it is to                                           have the same argument over and over again; therefore, we use the therapeutic                                              space to identify the root cause of the issue and work towards a resolution.

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All relationships go through ups and downs, but it's what you do during those phases that determine how long you stay in them. 

       Unsure if you and your partner need couples       therapy? Use the resource below to help: 

When to Consider Couples Therapy?

Clinical Areas of Speciality

At Wellness ReDefined, we work with both dating and married couples to help them achieve mutually agreed upon goals that aim to promote whats healthiest for both parties.  We provide services to couples that are dealing with variety of issues, such as:  

Contemplating divorce

Work-Life Imbalance

Contemplating marriage


Navigating a new stressor

Newly coupled

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Initial Session - $270

Subsequent sessions -


We accept Cigna, United and Baylor, Scott & White insurance

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