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Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

Starting your marriage on the right path requires you having candid conversations about difficult topics, as well as acknowledging and working through current or potential issues. Pre-Marital counseling gives couples a safe space to have difficult conversations, learn skills to handle ongoing and/or potential relational issues and connect with their partner more deeply.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Wellness ReDefined offers two pre-marital counseling packages. Our pre-marital counseling sessions are structured, in that each session focuses on a specific topic.  Examples of session topics include boundaries, intimacy and finances. Additionally, couples are given education or a specific skill associated with the specific session topic.  Our pre-marital packages are intended to help couples be better prepared for marriage. 

Pre-Marital Silver Package

Eight 90 minute sessions
Weekly homework
A new skill/education each session

Pre-Marital Gold Package

Relationship assessment & report of findings
Nine 90 minute sessions
Four 60 minute sessions
Weekly homework
A new skill/education each session


Couples Therapy

Wellness ReDefined also provides couples therapy services to both dating and married persons.  We specifically specialize in providing therapy to couples that are contemplating marriage, contemplating divorce or newly coupled.

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