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Pre-Marital Counseling

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It's more than a wedding...

its a life together.

Beginning your marriage on a solid foundation involves candid discussions about challenging topics and addressing current or potential issues. Pre-marital counseling

provides a safe space for these conversations, and it equips couples

with the skills to navigate relational challenges and foster a deeper                                                connection.

We offer two different pre-marital counseling packages that include structured and time-limited sessions. Each session focuses on a topic important to building and sustaining a strong marriage.  Topics covered include: finances, communication, intimacy, etc. 

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Silver Package -



Gold Package -


 Pre-Marital Silver Package includes:
Eight 90-minute sessions
Weekly homework
A new skill/education each session

Pre-Marital Gold Package includes:
Relationship assessment & report of findings
Nine 90-minute sessions
Four 60-minute sessions
Weekly homework
A new skill/education each session


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